Headrest Screens | DVD Headrest Screens

Headrest ScreensWhen your looking for Headrest Screens you should look into what is best suited to your vehicle and there are many different types of products on the market some are from auction sites and they promise great things at very low prices and this is where the customer normally gets caught out by buying a kit with poor components and fake leather which is also non matching, Vizualogic are the market leader for the very best Android Tablet and DVD systems in the USA and UK. Vizualogic provide exact match leather even coming down to the texture and shade of the leather. along with the very highest quality components giving you a rear seat entertainment system you will never forget.

The Android Smartlogic screens are a normal tablet which locate into the leather headrest pod giving you full charging and viewing while driving, maybe create a hotspot on your smartphone and let the kids watch there favourite Netflix movie while driving along. With full on board DVD you can also watch a movie at any time and enjoy entertainment at 1080p in the rear of your vehicle. This kits don’t have any competition due to them leading the market in design and technology Vizualogic.com